Cultivate Your Success in Child Welfare

family together reviewing paperwork

Connect with service recipients

Collaborative assessment & planning with families, networks, & professionals. Customize your model based on best practices. 

practitioner centricity at a fun meeting

Grow the capacity of staff

Immersive learning through workshops, case consulting, our Child Welfare Academy, and hands-on learning.

agency centricity through a collaborative meeting

Transform the organization

Holistic implementation structure and consultation consistent with the goals and priorities of the agency. Get live data and insights to inform your important decisions.


“There are two things I value most when my agency works with outside trainers and consultants. 

First, that I can trust them to follow through. 

Second, that they have firsthand experience working in child welfare. 

SafeGenerations has demonstrated that they exceed my expectations for both criteria!” 


– Tom Buell

Reginal Director, Department of Children and Families

The State of Kansas, USA

“Each and every one of the SafeGenerations team is amazing!  They come prepared to every consultation meeting with an expert strategy, innovative ideas, gentle curiosity, and the spirit of partnership. 

They’re simply the best of the best in child welfare, and they make my team’s work stronger, easier, and more hopeful.”


–Jolynne Batchelor, Ph.D., LCSW

Research Associate, Director, Texas Permanency Outcomes Project

The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Integrated technology platform for everyone to share transparently and work together toward the goals.

Streamlined on-the-job tools

Streamlined on-the-job tools, services, and applications to integrate the work and grow practice depth toward the goals of the agency, and within the character, values, culture and spirit of the organization. 

Dashboards and data

Dashboards and data that provide insights into the most important aspects of service.

Automation and processes to catalyze learning and leadership across the organization.

Our Core Values



We seek to operate from a stance of inquiry and lead with questions. We create shared understanding and meaning by exploring different perspectives and possibilities with a purpose of cultivating an environment of connection and inclusion. 



We recognize the intrinsic value and worth of all people. We extend abundant care and empathy with our service recipients, the systems in which they work, our affiliates and each other.  



Our team strives for rigor in the quality of our work and in our relationships. This means we tackle the tough stuff and honor all people while we do so. Wrecognize the unique strengths and humanity in each other. We are allies. 



We stake a claim for good work while recognizing that we always have room to grow. We’re ready to admit when we’re wrong. We’re learners who share what we know and still seek to find better ways. We lead with strong vision while recognizing the unique aspects of each system we serve. 



One way to put it is that we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun together and hold strong to the core purpose of the important work we do. 

The SafeGen team is very skilled at working difficult child welfare cases and they’ve found innovative ways to spread their learning.

I stand behind them! I’m so impressed with their Child Welfare Academy. This integrated learning is the way of the future. It will transform child welfare training, development, and practice!

Susie Essex


Susie has over 40 years experience in Child Protection work. Susie has experience as a Child Psychiatric Social Worker, Local Authority Child Protection Manager, Child Care Training Manager, and Consultant Family and Systemic Psychotherapist. Susie has also been a Lecturer in Child Protection at University of Bristol, and Head of Family Therapy Service.

In the early 1990’s Susie as Lead Practitioner, along with her colleagues Colin Luger, John Gumbleton, and Jan White, developed the Resolutions approach to denied/disputed Child Protection concerns and stuck cases. The approach put the welfare and safety of children at the center of the work and was in response to older children who had come forward to end abuse but didn’t want an end to their family. Susie and her colleagues had over 25 years experience using the Resolutions approach, with children and young people across the age range, and with their families and extended kinship systems. This approach is now being used in Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, USA, and Canada, a key emphasis is on openness and establishing a safe network for children.

Susie is now retired living in Cornwall UK.


minneapolis, MN & Denver, CO