How can technology clear the way for all of us to connect more deeply with the humanness of humanity and help families and communities create a safe, nurturing environment where the kids that they know and love can thrive?

Drilling for data

Oftentimes data is talked about as the ‘oil of the 21st century’. In this argument, an organization must first ‘mine and refine’ their data from their ‘oil field’ in order to put that data to work. This, in turn, creates an endless source of data initiatives such as data management plans, data compliance committees, data integration schema and an endless list of jargon that puts a spotlight on data. We see the field differently.

Discovering the difference

There’s a transformation bubbling beneath the surface. Data collection is designed to use numbers and words represent some part of the real word – the number 35 can represent the length of time a person has been alive; ‘3’ could refer to the number of children a person has; ‘resistant’ can be used to interpret a response from a parent when confronted with the worries from a child welfare agency.

What We Do Best

Observations in the Wild

Tools to guide practice, capture the work, share insights, and learn from the experience


  • Tools that are guides; guides that are tools
  • Qualitative reviews
  • Practice reflection
  • From numbers to meaning (CFSR and other local, state and federal reporting)

Innovation and Adherence

Pushing technology boundaries while staying grounded to the highest level of security and current federal reporting standards

  • Modern interface with mobile
  • Automation
  • Federal standards and schema
  • Integration with existing local and federal systems and applications


Discover the Difference

Efficient reporting, drilling across regions, departments, teams, individuals with analytics connecting the breadth, depth, and impact of practice to turn the most important data into connected meaning.

  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Safe to Share

The right information to the right people in the right time while ensuring privacy and security.


  • Secure and controlled
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Granular control over all information
  • Teams, families, cohorts


Custom-designed tools bringing people together for traction and action toward the vision of the organization.


  • Within and across departments
  • Teams, families, cohorts
  • Gathering place, not silos or fiefdoms
  • Plans turn into actions and actions into impact

Technology Testimonials

“As the Implementation Lead,

I work closely with all of our consultants.

I really appreciate the ‘we’re in this together’ attitude

of everyone at SafeGenerations.

They are all so responsive!

And the technology they’re providing is making

communication and collaboration so much easier!”

– Deanne Dinkel

Implementation Lead, Department of Children and Families

The State of Kansas, USA

SafeGenerations has been able to connect staff from

Kansas City to Garden City – and from administration to

frontline. In a time where we are so physically distant

from other, I feel more connected to my colleagues

and SafeGen staff than ever. Thanks to the technology

services SafeGen has been able to provide we have

made leaps and bounds in the accessibility of

practice resources across the state.”


Kaleena Erwin, LCSW

PPS Training and Curriculum Specialist

The State of Kansas, USA


minneapolis, MN & Denver, CO