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Refine Your Vision with the Full Story

Setting a vision and measuring its progress starts with understanding the status quo. Our tools connect what you see from your desk with what goes on in the field. We empower you with knowledge to put your goals within reach.

By focusing on the right data, you’ll inform your day-to-day and unify your staff

to have a greater impact in the community. 

Our Proven Process: PAINT

Practice Alignment Intensive

How we help you get the right information and create alignment between aspirations & reality.

Technology Solutions Bringing Real Insights to Your Welfare Organization

Increase Your Community Impact

Empower staff and supervisors with powerful trends to inform their day-to-day approach. Customize access for each member of your organization by role and location to optimize their impact.


Inform The Future with what's happening now

Reach your goals with key insights that show how individual actions affect the whole organization. The interactive dashboard displays live data and trends on child safety, worker confidence, time spent, and more.


Leave A Lasting Legacy

Designed to grow with your organization for years to come, the user-friendly dashboards are easy to learn as new staff and stakeholders join the team.


Focus on the Big Picture with Custom Tools

Track the data that matters most with a fully customizable dashboard interface, and drill in on the most pertinant details. We’ll set up the technology and train your team to get the most out of it.


Hear what a state-wide child welfare agency is saying

about our guided practice apps, dashboards, and insights 

“It has saved us crazy amounts of time!” – Shawnda

“We can see patterns and correlations in our data and then easily share that data in meaningful ways that help staff reflect on their overall practice.” – Tom

“Since the practice model is built into the app, it gives a sense of the breadth of practice adoption in each region.” – Tiffany

“The Supervision App is helping us move toward a consistent approach to supervision that is more aligned to the agency’s values and priorities.” – Susan

Now we all have time to really staff about things that are most valuable. We’re able to have more of a focus on professional development!” – Stacey

“I really like that our dashboard shows us which tools we’ve used on each case! It shows the breadth of our practice and our reasonable efforts with families. Also, it helps me easily see what my goals can be with the team!” – Tina

“I use the ‘worries’ and ‘working well’ section of the supervision app to help the worker connect to the family’s perspectiveI ask questions to clarify what the family is worried about to really put the worker in a position of understanding where the family is coming from. I like using the Critical Worry as a place to clarify the situation about what are actual worries and risks that have the case open. This helps supervision stay sharp instead of becoming a drawn-out “story”. – Lanie

“The SafeGenerations team provided technology tools to work in the real world and in real time as our practitioners were using them. Dan was able to not only see my vision but look into the future to provide even more I had not thought of yet.” – Tanya

Staff are saying they love it because they don’t have to waste time talking about stuff they don’t need support with during in-person meetings.” – Supervisor Commenting on the Supervision App

Guided Practice Apps

Dashboards & Insights 

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Built by Leaders in Child Welfare

We created our suite of practical technology tools from the common challenges we’ve seen in our 70+ years of combined experience in child welfare. The SafeGenerations team knows firsthand what it takes to lead a child welfare organization.

After training and consulting in more than 70 child welfare jurisdictions, we’re giving you our same insights to serve your whole organization in a clean and comprehensive software.

Our Core Values:

Certainly Curious 

We explore different perspectives to grow connection and inclusion.

Wisely Compassionate

We extend care and empathy to our partners and the people they serve.

Gracefully Rigorous

We are allies who tackle the tough stuff and honor all people while we do.

Humbly Bold

We lead with strong vision while recognizing that we always have room to grow.

Joyfully Serious 

We have fun while honoring the core purpose of the significant work we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Guided Practice Applications right for me?

Our Guided Practice Applications are best for welfare organization leaders who want to better empower their teams by focusing on the right information. These tools are not for leaders looking for a “quick fix” solution.

If that sounds like you, contact us to schedule a free demo.

How fast can I get started?

The first step is to connect with our team for an in-depth consultation about which trends are most important for you to track. From there, customization and implementation take between 4 and 12 weeks.

Is this secure?

Protecting client data is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’ve made sure that our platform is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and requires verified user authentication to access.

Do I need to know how to code or get IT involved?

We handle all the technology so that you don’t have to. Our implementation team will let you know if we’ll need to coordinate with your IT staff.

Can I integrate this with other reporting software or my Case Management System?

Usually, yes. As long as we can ensure that the connecting software is secure, we’ll gladly integrate the Guided Practice Applications with the other tools you’re already using.

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