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Getting Network Support Isn’t Always Easy

You’re back with the same family. Again. Everyone in the family network was meshing so well the last time you were here, but now somehow everyone seems more disconnected than ever before. You wonder if any progress has been made at all.

Emotions are high as you walk through the door, and you may even take some misdirected heat. But with network members who are burned out, how are you supposed to build their trust again? The family and network are frustrated, overwhelmed, and doing the best they can.

What if you could give families and their networks the tools to create real help and support?

Really, think about it for a second. Instead of spinning your wheels, how much more of an impact could you have if you could…

break through confusion

with honest network feedback


ensure better follow-through

with realistic network support


proactively adjust plans

with real-time network input

Free Tools That Empower YOU to Empower Families

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Each Tool is Designed With Your Critical Questions in Mind 

How safe is the person or family you’re worried about?

Safety & Wellbeing Scale

Everyone has good days and bad days. Give families, networks, and professionals an easy way to stay in touch about how things are going.

No more phone tag or missed connections!

Who can do what, when, how and how often to help?

Network Member Self-Reflection

In 5 minutes, family and friends can share a realistic picture of the support they can give. 

Save time by seeing network capacity in a summary report!

How can the family evidence day-to-day success?

Safety Journal

Help networks and families evidence safety by documenting successes and challenges with their plan

Safety = strengths demonstrated as protection, over time.

Does the family have the support they need?

Support Network Check-Up (Coming Soon!)

Positive relationships are the key to safety, health, and wellbeing! Find out how many meaningful connections a family has and how they would rate the level of support they are getting.

Get a baseline and build from there!

To what degree, do the people you serve feel uniquely valued?

Family Feedback Survey (Coming Soon!)

According to research, when professionals and the people they serve have a strong partnership, better outcomes are achieved. Find out how people experience your approach.

It’s less about what you do and more about how you do it.

Are you making the most of network meetings?

Network Meeting Feedback (Coming Soon!)

Quickly capture insights into how well you’ve engaged support people and see how those relationships grow over time. 

Keep building stronger connection, clarity, and collaboration.

Get ready for…

  • ‘On-demand’ input

  • Meaningful collaboration

  • Feedback when, where, and from whom it matters most

  • Multiplied capacity

“The SafeGenerations team provided technology tools to work in the real world and in real time as our practitioners were using them. Dan was able to not only see my vision but look into the future to provide even more I had not thought of yet.”

Tanya Becker


Your Bigger Impact Starts Here

We designed our Network Feedback Tools to help you strengthen your support network with real, actionable insights. 

Here’s what

you’ll get:


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per user


per user


per user

Responses per month

Up to 50

Up to 200

Up to 200

Up to 500

Custom Wording & Branding


to Use

On-Demand Virtual Tour

Response Organizer App

LIVE Introductory Training

LIVE Consulting & Onboarding (up to 3 hours!)

Data Dashboard Reports

Live Response Support





Built by the Experts in Child Welfare Field Work.

Our team has stood right in your shoes. (Yep – blisters and all.) With more than 50 years of combined experience in child welfare, we know first-hand just how much of yourself you pour into your community.  

That’s why we developed a suite of technology tools to help individual practitioners, supervisors, and even whole agencies and states better connect with and serve their communities in a meaningful way – without more paperwork!  

Each person on the SafeGenerations team has not only been helpful

but, they are so kind and really make you feel like family. 

Kaleena Erwin

Kansas Department of Children and Families

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yep! We’re passionate about empowering child welfare organizations across the country which is why we offer as many free resources as we possibly can.

Do I need permission from my supervisor, agency, or department head?

While we can’t speak to the inner workings of every organization, we’ve designed these tools to protect client data so that you can get started without any hassle. We always recommend following your chain of command so higher-ups know you’re using new resources.

Is there a mobile version?

Of course! Our Network Meeting Tools are designed to be viewed easily on any device with a web-browser. 

How can I see the data collected from my clients and their support network?

If you’re using the free version, all responses will be emailed to you so you have instant access. Both paid plans also include a Response Organizer App to help you see the big picture for all of your cases at a glance. 

These tools are a great start, but I need more. What other insights can SafeGenerations give me?

We’re so glad you asked! Contact us to learn more about our Guided Insight tools and custom dashboards.

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