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The Child Welfare Academy (CWA) supports agencies before, during and after their formal implementation of a child welfare practice framework by: 

      • Bridging the gap - Onsite workshops are important for introducing ideas; our learning academy brings the ideas straight to day-to-day practice 

      • Building internal capacity - Coaching for select staff to take on the role of facilitators 

      • Providing safe, intentional, ongoing learning - Small group learning or independent options 

      • Avoiding information overload - Our courses break down concepts into small chunks that are applied between sessions 

      • Supporting a culture of learning - the Child Welfare Academy creates a structure and discipline for deliberately incorporating learning as part of the agency’s culture. As a team, they carve out specific time to practice, collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other’s practice. Implementing change in practice across the organization takes time. The CWA gives a consistent, in-depth application for their staff

Take on One or More Roles


Develop a Course

25% Revenue Share

Create a course! Provide the course content, and we’ll build it into the online platform for you! Your course will be marketed in our Child Welfare Academy where it can be purchased by lots of jurisdictions. 

Facilitate a Course

25% Revenue Share

Facilitate the course or support the agency you’re serving to facilitate the course. Advance a learning culture with your clients by coaching their staff to become Child Welfare Academy facilitators.

Sell a Course

15% Revenue Share

Build capacity and support innovative learning in the jurisdictions you serve. Sell courses to agencies you work with and maximize your time toward what matters most. 

SafeGenerations is the Platform Manager. We provide the business management, support affiliates in building the courses and market courses on the Child Welfare Academy.  

Over the last 5+ years we’ve learned heaps with integrating the Child Welfare Academy into jurisdictions we serve…and we’re continuing to learn. That means, we’re in it with you. We’ll connect you to our current resources, we’ll help you think through how and when you could integrate resources into the work you already do, we’ll support you in building courses, we’ll market your courses on the Child Welfare Academy and so much more!   

Be a part of a community that people find healing and rewarding! 

Business Arrangements

You can make money in multiple ways.

Here is an example: 

“Shelby” is an Affiliate who builds a course called “Engaging Children in Safety Planning.”  It’s a 3 -session course that sells for $750 per 12-person classroom. Shelby is working with “Superstar Agency” who purchases 3 classrooms and pays SafeGenerations $2,250. 

SafeGen transfers $1,800 to Shelby’s bank account.

Here’s how that breaks down: 

      • 15% Sales Share = $337.50 

      • 15% Original Content Creator Share = $337.50 

      • 25% Course Developer Share = $562.50 

      • 25% Course Delivery Share = $562.50 

      • 20% Platform Manager Share (SafeGen) = $450 

A standard written agreement is developed between SafeGen and our Affiliates. SafeGen has no intention of owning packaged course content that is developed by trainers and consultants. 

Let’s Get Started!

Click here to set up a 30-minute call with SafeGen to learn more about being a Child Welfare Academy affiliate, to ask questions, or to learn how to get started with organizations you work with!  

If you’d rather start by just sending us a note, feel free to do that too! 

Referral Incentive

If you’ve already referred an organization to a SafeGen event or service, please fill out this Affiliate Referral Incentive Form. This will help us make sure we get the sales revenue share to the right person!   

SafeGen helped me spread decades of my own learning and knowledge more broadly!

I couldn’t have done it without them.

The revenue shares were reasonable and very transparent.

The development process was a true collaboration.

SafeGen proved to be very experienced in building online courses.

They have a robust system and easy-to-work-with processes.”

– Eric Sulkers, Course Creator

Your New Community Is Waiting

3 Other Kinds of SafeGen Affiliates

ReSolutions Together


  • Train an open-source practice model
  • Contribute ideas and join others to continue to refine best practices 



  • Get connected with a community of international trainers and consultants
  • Share your learning and get new ideas
  • Contribute and share in the collective resources 



  • Get clear insights into your own work
  • Help organizations multiply their impact on families and communities
  • Make some extra money while connecting those you serve to the child welfare technology and insights  


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