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affiliate [affiliate]

VERB (be affiliated with)

officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.


a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.

Who Are SafeGenerations Affiliates?

SafeGen Affiliates are:

…leaders from around the world, in the field of child welfare who innovate and multiply the positive impact of the organizations, communities, and families they serve.

…people in the human-helping professions who find it healing and rewarding to be connected to:

– each other

– best practices

– human-centered technology

“Working with SafeGenerations is about

doing something innovative with like minded people.”

– Rob Margargh

4 Kinds of Affiliates



  • Be connected to like-minded professionals
  • Stay inspired
  • Sharpen yourself, learn with others

ReSolutions Together


  • Train an open-source practice model
  • Contribute ideas and join others to continue to refine best practices 

Child Welfare Academy


  • Digitize your best work to make a bigger impact
  • Generate income by sharing your innovations and connecting child welfare staff to meaningful learning experiences
  • Spread best practices around the world



  • Get clear insights into your own work
  • Help organizations multiply their impact on families and communities
  • Make some extra money while connecting those you serve to the child welfare technology and insights  

Expand Your Impact

Affiliates share SafeGen’s core values & each affiliate group defines their own



We seek to operate from a stance of inquiry and lead with questionsWe create shared understanding and meaning by exploring different perspectives and possibilities with a purpose of cultivating an environment of connection and inclusion. 



We recognize the intrinsic value and worth of all people. We extend abundant care and empathy with our service recipients, the systems in which they work, our affiliates and each other.  



Our team strives for rigor in the quality of our work and in our relationships. This means we tackle the tough stuff and honor all people while we do so. Wrecognize the unique strengths and humanity in each other. We are allies. 



We stake a claim for good work while recognizing that we always have room to growWe’re ready to admit when we’re wrong. We’re learners who share what we know and still seek to find better ways. We lead with strong vision while recognizing the unique aspects of each system we serve. 



One way to put it is that we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun together and hold strong to the core purpose of the important work we do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to be a SafeGen Affiliate?

Nothing. Really – no registration fees, no licensing fees, no charges. If anything, you’ll make money be developing resources with us. 

How soon can I join?

Fill out a “Affiliate First Step” form and we’ll contact you within a week to get a conversation started.

How often do affiliates connect?

Our affiliates connect as often as they want through our shared Collaboration Hub. Each type of Affiliate group has structured calls on a regular basis, typically quarterly. 


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